When you are considering the security of your family and property, the indoor and outdoor security cameras can provide the right solution.

You might think this article is about to give you reasons why  outdoor security cameras are better than indoor  security cameras, or vice versa. However, this is not the case because both the indoor and outdoor cameras are designed for human benefits.

What is important is to know which one that best suits your needs. From observation, most people neglect the use of security camerasunless they have already suffered from a crime related issue, and this is more rampant in homes.

On the other hand, businesses tend to ensure full security system especially if they are storing highly expensive products (for example a warehouse). Workplaces that require dealing with customers also need protection and security cameras might just be the savior.

The main purpose of this article is to inform people with the intention of installing security cameras in their home or business places for the first time. Both camera types can possess many of similar features. For example, the shape, size, and designs are mostly universal but there are still some points to put into consideration when choosing between an outdoor and indoor camera. With numerous choices out there, it can be quite tasking to figure out the cameras that best suits your needs. The first thing to understand is the difference between the two camera types.


The main distinctive feature between the indoor and outdoor security cameras is the external factor they are both able to withstand. Both the indoor and outdoor camera comes with the same style and well comparable feature but the outdoor camera needs extra strength and ability to contend with different weather and varying light intensity conditions. Outdoor cameras are more open and susceptible to nefarious activities such as being tampered with, so they are guided with the durability in their material makeup such as metal which can be much heavy so as to discourage easy removal.

In terms of size and weight, indoor cameras can be smaller, light and mostly less intrusive when compared to the bulkier outdoor cameras. Both the indoor and outdoor camera have the infrared feature which helps maintain a clear picture even in low light conditions and can also automatically transit easily at a situation of sudden change in light from color images in bright light to black and also to white when it is darker. Dome cameras are well known for both indoor and outdoor use. They are designed to disable onlooker from figuring out the exact direction of the lens, thus keeping people from hiding away from the camera. Domes specially protects outside cameras. Furthermore, some cameras mounted outside come with heaters and blower to protect against the effect of elements.

If you are looking for hidden camera discreetly kept in places like exit signs, smoke detectors or clocks, it is advisable to know that most of them are not weatherproof and are not suitable for outdoor use. Hidden cameras are suitable for indoor security whereas outdoor cameras are easily noticeable and this has been of a good advantage because it discourages bad behavior in the society.

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