By Daniel Martins

Purchasing a security camera is something you need to take serious because of its importance in the secure of lives and properties. Security Camera Amazon are a surprise… Whether you want to purchase a spy camera or night vision camera, you need to sit down, relax and ask some important questions:

  • Will this surveillance system suit my needs?
  • Where will I get them?
  • Okay, after purchase, what’s next?

The point here is that you need to consider lots of factors. You don’t just need to buy from any source, you need to purchase from a specialized company instead of buying from online retail companies such as Amazon.

What do we mean by Specialized here?

Specialized company is simply a company which focuses in a certain area due to their knowledge, training and experience. For example, Planet Security USA camera is a wholesale security system distribution company with an owned special brand. We understand every small detail of the product we sell. So why do you need to buy from us?

Planet Security USA Cameras advantages over Security Camera Amazon

We are right there beside you

We are local in Miami. You don’t have to wait till next day to buy a product. There are situations when many customers come to the store and they change the decision and take other products. Can you imagine if you need to do an installation and what you got does not suit your needs for any reason. Can you get this on security camera Amazon?

Price tags

Unlike Amazon that only sell products, Planet Security USA has security camera experts that understand every single bit of your security project needs. Our regular installers get credit and a payment period pardon. It’s no news that most security camera Amazon sell at high prices compared to us. Of course, this is because they lack the understanding of the financial details of the HD security cameras. Nobody loves to purchase at high price.

Keep in mind when any company go to sell their products in Amazon they take 8% of the real price the company can sell to you. It means if I sell an HDTVI Security Camera in Amazon for 35 usd, at our store you can get it for less, even for a better price if you buy Quantities. In Amazon you can not buy more than 30 items at once.

Best Knowledge of the surveillance system

Purchasing your security camera through us gives you the wealth of necessary information from our security camera experts. Because our High Definition Surveillance camera experts are gurus in the surveillance world, they have the knowledge of good finds and know what you are looking for. When you contact one of our experts, you will have the chance to know more about a camera as well as some attached security tips.

Unlimited choice of HD security cameras and testing of product

We don’t just have numerous cameras in our security camera warehouse but also varieties of cameras to explore and choose from. Of course, with more choice, you can compare, contrast and find the one that suit your needs. We sell tested products which mean that we select the products we sell, and then test them to minimize our RMA (Return Merchandising Authorization) ensuring the products are sold with a very high quality standard and you have every chance to see with your eyes the quality of the product you’re opting for. Can you do this on Amazon?

Customer support and warranty

While Amazon and some other online retail companies can provide you several security cameras, you won’t get any form of tech support and most times, no warranty for your purchase and even if they do, it’s just for a short time. Customers do not only buy our products but also receive help from us in every ways when they buy with us. We assist them with installation, configuration, business planning. They never will find such service on Amazon.

Friendly sales department

Potential customers get credit. So it means that probed customers can get credit with us. Sales department are simply amazing. We treat you like you’re a celebrity. Of course, you’re a celebrity to us. Can you get a free coffee on Amazon?

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