60-Watt Ultra Power over Ethernet Injector



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PLANET POE-173 Ultra Power over Ethernet Injector provides a maximum of up to 60-watt power and high speed Ethernet data connection anywhere in your network infrastructure.

PLANET Ultra Power over Ethernet solution contains two brand-new products:

  • POE-173:  60-watt  Ultra  Power  over  Ethernet  Injector
  • POE-171S:  12V  /  19V  /  24V  DC  Power  over  Ethernet  Splitter  (Coming soon)

Quick and Easy Gigabit Ultra Power PoE Network Deployment

The  POE-173  is  a  Single-Port,  Ultra  Power  over  Ethernet  Injector  with  maximum  up  to 60 watts of power output over Ethernet cables. It is designed specifically to fill the demand  of  growing  higher  power  required  network  equipment  such  as:

  •  PTZ  Speed  Dome
  •  AIO  (All-in-One)  touch  PC
  •  Remote  digital  signage  display
  •  Other  Network  devices  that  need  higher  power  to  work  normally.

The POE-173 delivers the Ethernet digital data with DC 50V power over the twisted pair cables as a 60-watt Power over Ethernet Injector, and the connected Ultra Power over Ethernet splitter – the POE-171S –  will separate the digital data and the power into three  optional  outputs  (12V  /  19V  /  24V  DC)  with  distance  up  to  100  meters.