By Daniel Martins

This is why a 4k security cameras (Ultra HD or UHA) is important to take these limitations into account by covering a much larger area and also identifying distance objects. Because, often, it can be simple to deliver the 4k ultra high definition images using the controlled settings, but this typical surveillance system can be limited by moving objects, variation in lighting conditions as well as the limitation to bandwidth for video transmission.

4k security cameras system delivers quality and amazing detail even when it is zoomed. It has an incredibly high frame rate of 20 fps at 12 megapixel and 30 fps at 4K helpful in capturing fast moving objects at high resolutions.

These UHA HD security cameras have the ability to offer a wide angle overview as well as a multiple focus points in just a single screen giving you more focus on details without distracting away from the bigger picture. So, what are the distinctive features of the 4k security cameras? Here are they:

Improvement in quality and reduction in costs of video surveillance

The presence of distinctive features takes the 4k security camera system to a different level. They are well equipped with intelligent techniques to enhance its quality and lower the cost accrued to video surveillance. It has the Intelligent Auto Exposure (IAE) containing amazing front and backlight compensation, offering you great exposure every time. Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) functions to track and focus on important situations therein adding sense and structure to video and you can retrieve the correct data on time.

Increased awareness and easy integration

The ability of this 4k security camera system to offer a multiple focus and wide angle overview in just a single screen assist you in focusing on the details without forgetting the bigger picture. You can zoom in regions that interest you on certain details from the full image.

These close up are separately transmitted, so you can view both overview and details at the same time. The multi-stream ability of this camera allows an easy integration with third-party video management software and also to easily manage large video data for reduction in network strain.

Adding sense and structure

After 20 minutes, it’s likely you miss a higher percentage of activity on a screen. The Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) in this Ultra HD camera helps to notify you when predefined alarms are triggered. With a smart combination of up to 8 IVA rules, complex tasks are simplified and false alarms are reduced. The IVA offers sense and structures to your video by including metadata. This enables a quick retrieval of important images from hours of stored video.

Metadata can be useful in delivering irrefutable forensic evidence or for optimizing business processes, for instance, crowd density data. Some examples of the camera are the Sony’s 4k security camera which is designed with the aim of protecting people, assets and properties regardless of the environment or even lightning condition.

4k security cameras are the best choice for high traffic areas where you have to zoom in to confirm if someone is fighting or dancing. Schools, Tourist areas, Hotels, Athletic fields, universities, bus/train stations, big box retail and government facilities are just a few of the industries capable of benefiting from these UHA HD security cameras.

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