By Daniel Martins

Ip Cameras Development 2016

The expected market growth of seven percent worldwide for IP cameras development is still on target. This includes 66 million new networked cameras and systems that have become used and 28 million new HD CCTV cameras. The IP cameras development also includes the deployment of 48 percent more storage capacity to deal with the data produced.



1) The growth of 4K

One million 4K capable camera units were sold thus far in 2016. The expected increase in sales is directly associated with the improvement in 4K capable cameras. Present technology is rapidly advancing to be competitive with the resolution and frame rate desired by the majority of IP camera users.

2) HD CCTV still rules

More HD CCTV systems were bought in 2016 than any other type of system. Analog architecture that allows users to receive video over existing coaxial cable, longer cable reach, and lower price are the reasons for this systems popularity. Advances in this technology for 2016 include DVR storage capability and resolutions up to eight megapixels.

3) Storage increase

Body-worn cameras and the increasing use of this type of camera by police have driven IP cameras development toward higher storage capacity devices. The driving factor behind this development is the need for high resolution video and storage that may be necessary for decades. The need to draw simultaneous information from several camera sources at the same time during live observation and playback is appealing to police and their computer technicians in preventing litigation as much as capturing criminals.

4) Body-worn market boom

The use of body-worn cameras by police was expected to reach market saturation in 2016 but this did not occur. Police departments across the world have added body-worn surveillance cameras at increasing levels of the police department in part to protect prisoners and to protect the police from litigation.

The lowered cost of body-worn cameras driven by police consumption has made this technology more affordable and attractive to private protection organizations and individuals.

5) Terrorism

At least two dozen deadly terrorist attacks occurred around the world in 2016. The explosion of terror has increased the market for all types of surveillance systems that are aimed at preventing terrorist attacks.

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