By Daniel Martins

As a business owner, your mind can fully be at ease when you are confident that your business assets are secure from potential thefts. Whatever the size or location of the business, whether it’s small or large, retail or commercial, it’s guaranteed to have a range of valuable assets like computer systems, furniture and fittings and other valuable items that are at risk of theft. Every business owner strives to keep their employees, assets, and office space as safe as possible. There are several ways to increase the security at your business, one of the most effective methods is to install a monitored security system.

Most buildings have hidden areas and dark corners that are great hiding places for intruders. Installing a compact-able security system inside specific places of your business block can lower the number of hiding places an intruder will have to hide in as well as deter customers and /or employees from theft and other inappropriate work behaviour.

In Miami, running a business venture requires you to take some risks. However, security shouldn’t be one of them. It’s vital to install an appropriate security system just right for your business safety. Before thinking about anything else, you need to discover what your needs are for the security system and what you want to achieve from your installation. Is it that you want to keep an eye on your employees to ensure that they are not stealing? Or do you just want to prevent intruders from entering? It’s important to sit down and document your needs for the system while considering environmental and other factors even if it means hiring a security professional, and it’s worth it! Once you have set your goals, you will begin to have an idea of the appropriate security systems for your company and the types you should install.

Miami has one of the best tourist attraction in the world. It’s a place where millions of people travel for fun and merrymaking. It’s the most happening place in the USA. But with so much fun and joy, lots of troubles and fear will creep in, because Miami has to do with different types of people every day and therefore various crimes and hazards should be expected too. Security systems for businesses in Miami is a needed to ensure a safe and smooth business atmosphere. The advent of sophisticated security cameras has given Miami a route to escape from various crimes every day.

There are different kinds of security cameras you can purchase to secure your business in Miami, and each has its unique features and qualities. But we recommend these three security cameras and they are Arlo, Netgear, and Hikvision. They are popularly used for surveillance in stores, malls, airports, etc.



Arlo security devices have various sophisticated products to secure your business from crime and intruders. Security devices such as the Arlo security light, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Pro, Arlo Q, etc. You can monitor your business efficiently with Arlo security cameras. For instance, the Arlo – Pro indoor/outdoor HD wire-free security camera system features a wireless camera with night vision capabilities, HD picture quality, clear audio and the base station has a built-in siren to alert you to trouble. It also features a wall mount with the required installation hardware.

The Arlo Pro security system is easy to install and monitor. First, you must open the battery compartment by pressing the latch and pulling it back gently. Then, insert the battery as shown in the instruction manual and close the battery door. Bring the camera within one to three feet off the base station and sync the camera to the base station. Press the button on top of the base station and the camera for about two seconds and the release. If the camera LED on the base station turns green, the sync process is complete.



Netgear has smart security cameras with features ready for your home or business. They guarantee peace of mind and protection with their brilliant HD video quality, two-audio live streaming, free cloud recording, instant alerts, and other features. The company boasts of a range of several Wi-Fi routers for buffer-free streaming and lag-free gaming. Their security devices include the Orbi whole home Wi-Fi systems, Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi range extenders, DSL & cable Modems and Gateways, Power-line Adapters, USB Adapters, etc.

For instance, Orbi by Netgear is a simple and smart way to enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi in every corner of your home and business. The Orbi Wi-Fi system can cover up to 4,000 square feet with strong Wi-Fi signals. It uses tri-band Wi-Fi so your internet can run at maximum speed with multiple devices connected.



Hikvision is one of the world’s top supplier of innovative video surveillance systems. Their products include Network cameras, Analog cameras, Thermal camera, PTZ, Video encode and decode card, Video intercom, intercom series, etc. The Hikvision new door intercom series allows you to see everything that goes on within your business and gives you the power to control it at your fingertips. They also feature unit-to-unit video calling to aid communication between other rooms and buildings. One unique thing about the door intercom series is that it gives you the ability to survey up to sixteen 1.3 JP IP cameras. It also enables you to organize alarms, broadcast information and enjoy video or audio calls.
The Outdoor stations come with a number key-card, button or card reader and can recognize over 2000 cards using the 1.3MP camera, all successful swipes will be auto-captured and uploaded to FTP or iVMS-4200 client. Note that only Hikvision own accessories can only power these Door intercoms.

There is a wide range of video surveillance systems designed to protect your home and business, and most are custom built while some are designed to email you immediately someone trespasses your property. With these available security devices, you can be assured of a safe business environment.

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