By Daniel Martins

What does HD-TVI, HD-SDI, HD-CVI mean?

Meaning of HD-TVI

It is simply known as High Definition Transport Video Interface, developed by Techpoint in the year 2012 from a DSP-TVI technology. Intersil bought the Chipset and the technology used in this new product is manufactured by Chinese companies like Hikvision, HanBang.

The TVI was the solution toHD-SDI’s previous problems and was successfully developed by Hanbang. The advantages of the TVI includes, it extends the transmission distance, convert the digital signals to analog ones, less storage capacity and reduces the total cost. Features of the HD-TVI are, it is depends on coaxial cable, digital signal transmissions, receives HD video signal and audio signal.

Features of HD-TVI:

  • 1080P/720P (25/30 fps) video signal
  • 300-500 m transmission distance
  • No Video loss
  • Real-time preview without delay dual-way data communication, audio signal and Transmit video signal, 3 signal transmission over a coaxial cable.

Extra cost and special knowledge are not needed because it follows the same original analogue system connection structure, what this means is that users can replace their old DVRs and analog cameras or a DVRs and TVI cameras to get a more updated 1080p surveillance system.


  • Therefore, comparing HD-TVI and HD-SDI:
  • Can transmit to a long distance without boost.
  • Affordable Price
  • Improved Reliability and Anti-interference

Comparing HD-TVI with IPC:

So the benefits of the HD-TVI includes:

no video quality loss since there is no compression
No transmission signal delay, only real-time video display
Reduced requirement for network bandwidth.


Importance of HD-TVI

More importantly, HD-CVI mustbe bought from the original company or DVR or authorized company camera. TVI chipset is not sealed but open, American based company that supply to more than one manufacture and also use different brand for your HD-TVI system.

Most customers prefer matching their DVR & Camera with different brand due to the variety of choices available to them thereby saving cost. The price of the TVI is close to 960H.

This product is liked by most people.

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