By Daniel Martins

Smart homes these days are gradually becoming more popular due to the security and convenience it offers. Anytime you hear people talk about smart homes, they are merely referring to the way you can monitor and control your entire home’s systems. Through a single control system, you can ensure your doors are locked, turn down the cooling etc.

A smart home has all appliances (smart) connected in such a way that they communicate with one another and also with the homeowner inasmuch they use electricity. Whether through a computer, by voice or a remote, the smart home network responds to your control once you command it. With this kind of automation, it would be like having a personal assistant who is always at your beck and call.

Although transforming your home into a smart home may cost a fortune, the benefits will prove to be worth the investment. In addition, you need not buy a new home if you desire a smart home. The following ideas will assist you on how to effectively build your smart home.


Whether you are on your way out or you have just arrived and about to pack your car, an automated gate can open and close with just a tap on a button. It would also be helpful whenever it is raining so you don’t have to get yourself drenched in rain simply to open and close the gate.

Motion Detectors and Security Systems

With the increase in the level of crime rate, it is important you do everything to ensure your home is safe. And installing security systems and/or motion detectors is recommended. When a motion sensor in your home security system identifies an unusual motion around your home, it sends out an alert and you will promptly be notified on your mobile phone. There are smart cameras that can monitor the exterior of your house, in spite of the condition, whether dark or not. You can as well select and view images from your installed security camera live from an Internet source to your business or home.


Light automation implies you could control one, some or all light source from a single remote. You could even control the number of lights based on the ambient light available.

Personal Computers

By linking up your PCs to your home automation system, you can have several PCs using the internet at the same time from different rooms of your home. The system can as well link PCs for multi-player games and others.

Cooling and Heating

You can connect your cooling and heating system to your home automation system and keep a good control on your home’s temperature to help reduce your energy usage and save you money. You can as well connect smart window blinds to the system, which lower at a flick of a switch.


You can have your TV, stereo, DVD and Pay TV all running off a single network. Where possible, do away with power boards and messy cords and have the system pre-wired during your home’s building stage. With all being controlled by a single network, you can have one central DVD player that will play to any TV in your house. This will not affect the picture quality of the TVs regardless of the number of TVs you have connected to the system.


If your home has several floors or rooms, an intercom would be convenient to have. With an intercom, you do not have to go here and there to get a message, ask questions or knock on everyone’s room for meals.

Door handles

There are different door handles that can only be opened either through a numerical code or by scanning fingerprints, instead of the traditional house keys.

These are just some of the enormous security features that smart homes can offer. If you know of any other ways to build a smart home that you think should be on this list, kindly get in touch with us at (insert email) and we will ensure it is added. May be you would like to learn something else, kindly visit (insert link).

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