By Daniel Martins

Over the years since the invention of CCTV, hundreds of firms have been trying to break into the market and obtain a sizeable share of the digital world that is soon to explode beyond measure.

One of such firms that have seen and conquered is Hikvision systems.

As the world becomes security conscious, more videos will be needed to solve crimes, capture moments and help security agencies map out their territory and carefully monitor them on a broad scale.

Hikvision system is one such company that has invested a lot in research and development to better serve its clients with high-quality videos that can be easily accessible at any given time.

Hikvision revolves around making sure your camera systems are functioning very well for customers to use in their day to day activities and to make sure there are no lapses found.

Today, because of it’s continuous research and innovation, it has gone ahead to launch drone cameras that can be used for a lot of things especially monitoring traffic.

Hikvision home use cameras can scan the faces of members who regularly use a particular door or doorway and block access to strangers until a proper verification is done. It can also scan fingerprints using biometric data provided to the systems for better security access.

It can also come in handy for a marketer who wants to know if the number of people visiting a shop or mall qualifies them for a marketing campaign from the shop heat mapping on the Hikvision camera.

Hikvision systems can be mounted on public transport and private vehicles with enough storage space to capture every moment that happened in the vehicle through a playback.

Some of the best reasons why you should buy Hikvision systems are listed below:


  • It comes with its IP network that can be used to monitor your camera from anywhere in the world.
  • ‎It is built on analog and HAD CCTV camera system by that gives you optimum sound as well as a clear picture quality. Its advanced video coding allows producing far more super quality videos than most camera systems in the world.
  • ‎Because of its immense investment in the research and development of cameras, some of this cameras can record at 3840×2160 pixel resolutions.
  • ‎ Its cameras can digitally store your data using its DVRs and NVRs. The network can also keep track of happenings around a camera and store them in DVR and NVR.


Hikvision systems come with video encoders and decoders to send and receive video information across networks.

It allows users the pleasure of editing video using its video management software to provide better the information that is necessary after long hours of camera work.

Hikvision systems can also stand as an alarm or control system that monitors access to the network internal and external security.

It’s also important to note that Hikvision system is the number one brand in almost 20 countries that include US, Canada, and five European countries.

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